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Email is broken. Drop the endless email threads, out-of-date documents and stop guessing if your prospect has actually read your proposal and get Bidgram, the easy and visual way to share your sales material and identify your best sales targets.

Easily share everything from meeting notes to proposals. Bidgram keeps your sales material in one single place for you and your customer.

Focus your time and effort where it matters. Bidgram's smart tracking features makes it easy to prioritize and target interested buyers.

Instant notifications gives you the insight you need to engage, collaborate and close your best sales targets smarter and faster.

This is a Bidgram page

It's a page filled with your sales material, used by you and your prospect.

This is what it looks like to you
A Bidgram page is simple on the surface but has everything you need to move your opportunity forward. Create a personalized sales page for you and your client by drag and dropping files to your page. Share the page to as many as you want. Add and reorder content during the sales process. Notifications make sure you always know when important stuff happens.

This is what it looks like to your client
We've removed all of the clutter from the client view so that everyone can focus on the important stuff. You and your client will see everything about your opportunity or project just by glancing at the page. There's nothing to set up and everyone gets it instantly.

Available on everything you use everyday

Share sales material, track and target engaged customers, close deals faster. From any device.


Get Bidgram for yourself or for your sales team.